Reduced Court Services

Reduced Court Services (Government Code 68106)
Superior courts statewide continue to face significant financial challenges as a result of the current fiscal crisis, which the Legislature has recognized as one of the most serious and dire ever to affect the state. In an effort to meet these challenges, while remaining open on all days that are not judicial holidays, and preserving as fully as possible access to court services for all litigants, many courts have announced plans to offer reduced services.

Under Government Code section 68106, courts must provide written notice to the public and to the Judicial Council at least 60 days before putting into effect a plan to reduce costs by closing courtrooms or clerks' offices or reducing clerks’ office hours. The council must post all such notices on this Internet site within 15 days of receiving them. This page contains all notices that the council has receive from courts pursuant to section 68106.

Please note, however, that the page only contains notices of court plans to close courtrooms or clerks’ offices, or to reduce clerks' office hours. It does not include information about other court changes (for example, restoration of services). For complete information about a specific superior court, the number and location of its courtrooms, its hours of operation, and any upcoming changes, please consult the court's website. A list of court websites is available. 

Notice Period in effect (Change not yet implemented)

Superior Court Date Notice Received Notice to the Judicial Council
Butte 12/30/14 PDF
Calaveras 10/21/14 PDF
Mono 11/12/14 PDF
San Diego 10/22/14 PDF
Santa Barbara 10/07/14 PDF

Notice Period has expired (Change implemented)

Superior Court Date Notice Received Notice to the Judicial Council
Alameda 08/03/11 PDF
Alameda 07/25/11 PDF
Amador 09/24/14 PDF
Amador 09/11/12 PDF 
Butte 07/01/11 PDF
Calaveras 09/11/12 PDF
Calaveras 10/31/11 PDF
Contra Costa 09/22/14 PDF
Contra Costa  09/14/12 PDF
El Dorado 09/20/12 PDF
El Dorado 06/22/12 PDF
Fresno 09/03/14 PDF
Fresno 06/17/14 Revised PDF
Fresno 06/17/14 PDF
Fresno 08/09/13 PDF
Fresno 07/03/13 PDF
Fresno 05/03/13 PDF
Fresno 10/19/12 PDF
Fresno 07/27/12 PDF
Fresno 05/25/12 PDF
Fresno 10/12/11 PDF
Glenn 08/25/14 PDF
Humboldt 08/29/14 PDF
Humboldt 09/01/11 PDF
Imperial, Jail Court 04/11/13 PDF
Imperial, Juvenile Court 04/11/13 PDF
Imperial, Calexico 04/11/13 PDF
Imperial 03/22/13 PDF
Inyo 08/16/13 PDF
Kern 03/26/13 PDF
Kings 09/04/14 PDF
Kings 09/13/13 PDF
Kings 03/07/13 PDF
Kings 08/22/12 PDF
Kings 07/10/12 PDF
Kings 10/03/11 PDF
Kings 08/10/11 PDF
Lake 07/31/12 PDF
Lake 09/15/11 PDF
Lassen 11/12/10 PDF
Los Angeles 04/10/13 PDF
Los Angeles 02/26/13 PDF
Los Angeles 04/19/12 PDF
Mendocino 08/07/13 PDF
Mendocino 12/10/12
PDF (Includes Dec. 10, 2012 release and original  notice)
Mendocino 08/24/11 PDF
Mendocino 01/21/11 PDF
Merced 04/10/14 PDF
Merced 02/07/12 PDF
Merced 08/29/11 PDF
Mono 08/28/14 PDF
Monterey, King City 06/20/13 PDF
Monterey 05/30/12 PDF
Napa 09/26/14 PDF
Napa (July 11 Revision) 08/14/12 PDF
Napa 07/11/12 PDF
Nevada 06/13/12 PDF
Nevada 09/06/11 PDF
Orange, North Justice Center 04/30/13 PDF
Orange, Lamoreaux Justice Center 04/30/13 PDF
Orange, Laguna Hills 04/30/13 PDF
Orange, Central Justice Center 04/30/13 PDF
Orange 03/21/13 PDF
Orange 05/29/12 PDF
Placer 08/01/12 PDF
Placer 09/15/11 PDF
Plumas 08/27/14 PDF
Plumas/Sierra 08/27/14 PDF
Plumas 04/03/14 PDF
Plumas 10/29/12 PDF
Plumas 07/25/12 PDF
Plumas 02/27/12 PDF
Riverside, Blythe, Temecula Update
This amends the 05/23/13 Riverside notices
07/10/13 PDF
Riverside, Blythe
Superseded by 07/10/13 Riverside notice
05/23/13 PDF
Riverside, Temecula
Superseded by 07/10/13 Riverside Notice
05/23/13 PDF
San Bernardino (Update to 03/04/13 notice) 04/12/13 PDF
San Bernardino 03/04/13 PDF
San Bernardino 12/28/12 PDF
San Bernardino 12/4/12 PDF
San Bernardino 11/29/12 PDF
San Bernardino 07/27/12 PDF
San Bernardino 01/06/12 PDF
San Diego 09/20/12 PDF
San Diego 07/02/12 PDF
San Francisco 08/02/11 PDF
San Francisco 05/09/11 PDF
San Joaquin 01/03/13 PDF
San Joaquin 10/24/12 PDF
San Joaquin 07/19/11 PDF
San Luis Obispo 10/24/11 PDF
San Mateo 05/13/13 PDF
San Mateo 11/28/12 PDF
San Mateo 08/31/12 PDF
San Mateo 01/19/12 PDF
San Mateo 10/31/11 PDF
San Mateo 08/18/11 PDF
San Mateo 12/01/10 PDF
Santa Barbara 08/11/14 PDF
Santa Clara 09/24/14 PDF
Santa Clara 08/05/14 PDF
Santa Clara 12/07/11 PDF
Santa Cruz 11/02/11 PDF
Shasta 07/24/14 PDF
Shasta 06/13/12 PDF
Shasta 07/15/11 PDF
Sierra 02/27/12 PDF
Siskiyou 11/07/13 PDF
Siskiyou 05/27/11 PDF
Solano 08/18/14 PDF
Solano 06/27/14 PDF
Solano 11/19/12 PDF
Sonoma 11/05/12 PDF
Stanislaus 09/24/14 PDF
Stanislaus 09/17/13 PDF
Stanislaus 12/04/12 PDF
Sutter (revised 9/24/12 notice) 11/15/12 PDF
Sutter 09/24/12 PDF
Tehama 09/25/13 PDF
Tehama 06/18/13 PDF
Tehama 03/07/13 PDF
Tehama 04/18/11 PDF
Trinity 07/11/13 PDF
Tulare 08/16/13 PDF
Tulare 06/28/12 PDF
Tuolumne 05/24/12 PDF
Ventura 10/17/13 PDF
Ventura 09/13/12 PDF
Ventura 04/19/12 PDF
Ventura 11/16/11 PDF
Ventura 09/22/11 PDF
Yolo 09/26/14 PDF
Yolo 11/8/13 PDF
Yolo 10/17/12 PDF
Yolo 10/18/11 PDF
Yolo 08/04/11 PDF
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