Yurok Tribal Court

The Yurok tribe is a federally recognized tribe with about 5,500 acres of land in Humboldt and Del Norte counties. The tribe has about 5,000 members.

Chief Judge: Abby Abinanti

Yurok Tribal Court
P.O. Box 1027
Klamath, California 95548

707-482-1377 (fax)

Website: http://www.yuroktribe.org/tribalcourt/

The court was originally established in the 1970s as a CFR court (meaning a court established pursuant to the Code of Federal Regulations). It was substantially redesigned in 1994 by the Yurok Tribe. The court was originally one of very limited jurisdiction hearing only civil cases authorized by specific tribal ordinance. The first cases dealt with by the court were fishing ordinance violations. Over the last several years the court has substantially broadened its jurisdiction. It now hears cases involving guardianships, civil cases, environmental offenses, protective orders matters including restraining orders, child abuse and neglect cases, and other matters arising under tribal ordinance, as well as fishing cases. The court will soon launch its wellness court and is considering a family code, housing code, and elder and vulnerable adult code.
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