Forms & Rules


APP-001: Information on Appeal Procedures for Unlimited Civil Cases

APP-002: Notice of Appeal/Cross-Appeal (Unlimited Civil Case)

APP-003: Notice Designating Record on Appeal (Unlimited Civil Case)

APP-004: Civil Case Information Statement (Rule 1(f))

APP-005: Abandonment of Appeal (Unlimited Civil Case)

APP-006: Application for Extension of Time to File Brief (Civil Case)

APP-007: Request for Dismissal of Appeal (Civil Case)

APP-008: Certificate of Interested Entities or Persons

APP-009: Proof of Service

APP-009-INFO: Information Sheet For Proof of Service

APP-010: Respondent's Notice Designating Record on Appeal (Unlimited Civil Case)

APP-011: Respondent's Notice Electing to Use an Appendix (Unlimited Civil Case)

APP-015/FW-015INFO: Information Sheet on Waiver of Appellate Court Fees (Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Appellate Division)

FW-001 Application for Waiver of Court Fees and Costs

CR-120: Notice of Appeal-Felony (Defendant)

JV-800 Notice of Appeal - Juvenile

JV-810 Recommendation for Appointment for Appellate Attorney for Child

JV-825: Petition for Extraordinary Writ-Juvenile Dependency

Mediation Statement Form

Court Reporters - Instructions for Filing Extension Requests

Court Reporters Request for Extension of Time - Criminal/Juvenile Delinquency

Court Reporters Request for Extension of Time - Civil

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Local Rules of the Court of Appeal Sixth Appellate District

Mediation, Local Rule 1

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