Rules of Court

The California Rules of Court found on the California Courts Web site are current as of September 1, 2018.

California Rules of Court
Title One. Rules Applicable to All Courts (Rules 1.1 - 1.201) HTML | PDF (108 KB)
Title Two. Trial Court Rules (Rules 2.1 - 2.1100) HTML | PDF (659 KB)
Title Three. Civil Rules (Rules 3.1 - 3.2237) HTML | PDF (1320 KB)
Title Four. Criminal Rules (Rules 4.1 - 4.700) HTML | PDF (556 KB)
Title Five. Family and Juvenile Rules (Rules 5.1 - 5.906) HTML | PDF (2418 KB)
Title Six. [Reserved] PDF (84 KB)
Title Seven. Probate Rules (Rules 7.1 - 7.1101) HTML | PDF (438 KB)
Title Eight. Appellate Rules (Rules 8.1 - 8.1125) HTML | PDF (2312 KB)
Title Nine. Rules on Law Practice, Attorneys, and Judges (Rules 9.1 - 9.90) HTML | PDF (326 KB)
Title Ten. Judicial Administration Rules (Rules 10.1 - 10.1108) HTML | PDF (1281 KB)
Standards of Judicial Administration (Standards 2.1 - 10.72) HTML | PDF (363 KB)
Ethics Standards for Neutral Arbitrators in Contractual Arbitration (Standards 1 - 17) HTML | PDF (148 KB)
Appendix A: Judicial Council Legal Forms List PDF (572 KB)
Appendix B: Liability Limits of a Parent or Guardian Having Custody and Control of a Minor for the Torts of a Minor PDF (11 KB)
Appendix C: Guidelines for the Operation of Family Law Information Centers and Family Law Facilitator Offices PDF (27 KB)
Appendix D: Judicial Council Governance Policies

PDF (119 KB)

Appendix E: Guidelines for Determining Financial Eligibility for County Payment
of the Cost of Counsel Appointed by the Court in Proceedings Under the
Guardianship-Conservatorship Law
PDF (28 KB)
Appendix F: Guidelines for the Juvenile Dependency Counsel Collections Program PDF (42 KB)
Appendix G: Parliamentary Procedures for the Judicial Council of California PDF (178 KB)
Alternative Format: Complete California Rules of Court in PDF format, compressed into a single .ZIP file. ZIP of PDF Files
(updated: 9/1/2018, 13 MB)

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The California Rules of Court were reorganized and renumbered to improve their format and usability, effective January 1, 2007. Use the conversion tables below to match old rules to reorganized rules.

Code of Judicial Ethics
Formal standards of conduct for judges and candidates for judicial office.

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