Tribal Court-State Court Forum

Appointed by the former Chief Justice Ronald M. George in May of 2010 to discuss issues of mutual importance to tribal and state justice systems relating to the recognition and enforcement of court orders that cross jurisdictional lines, the determination of jurisdiction for cases that might appear in either court system, and the sharing of services between jurisdictions. The Forum is charged with identifying issues concerning the working relationship between tribal and state courts and recommending to the Judicial Council ways to address these issues.  A Judicial Council member and a Tribal Court Judge co-chair this committee.  Click here to read the news release announcement.     

Educational Activities 
Fact Sheet  
Charge and Scope of Work
Values & Principles
Communication Plan 
Meetings Notes (all meeting notes):

    Legislative Proposals

        SB 406:  A bill to clarify and simplify the process by which tribal civil judgments will be recognized by the state courts of California and enforced just as any state civil judgment would be. See bill and factsheet.  

        Tribal Access to Confidential Juvenile Court Files: Proposal to amend Section 827 of the Welfare and Institutions Code.

        Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act (UAGPPJA) proposed for California:  Proposal to amend California Law Revision Commission (CLRC) draft of UAGPPJA to address issues involving conservatorships for members of Indian tribes located in California. Read the full text of the CLRC proposal

      Rule and Form Proposals- Drafts

      None pending.

      Rule and Form Proposals Adopted by Judicial Council

        Child Support: Proposal to add a new California Rule of Court that would provide a consistent procedure for the discretionary transfer of Title IV-D child support cases from the state superior courts to tribal courts where there is concurrent jurisdiction over the matter in controversy.

        Juvenile Appellate:  Proposal to revise the rule governing sending the record in juvenile appeals to clarify that if an Indian tribe has intervened in a case, a copy of the record of that case must be sent to that tribe.

        Juvenile Delinquency: Proposal to revise rules to comply with the California Supreme Court's decision in In re WB. 55Cal. 4th 30 (2012)

        Psychotropic Medication: Proposal to revise rules and forms relating to notice of Indian Tribes.

        Tribal Protective Order:  Proposal to establish an efficient and consistent statewide procedure for California state courts to register protective orders issued by tribal courts in California; registration of tribal court protective orders will help ensure that law enforcement agencies enforce these orders uniformly and consistently.


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