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The Strategic Evaluation Committee (SEC) was appointed by Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye in March 2011 to conduct an in-depth review of the AOC with a view toward promoting transparency, accountability, and efficiency.The Chief Justice received the report and recommendations on May 25. At its meeting on June 21, 2012, the Judicial Council accepted the report and directed that it be posted for public comment for 30 days. Comments received will be considered public and posted by name and organization under the Comments Received link below. The Judicial Council is the policy-making body for the judicial branch. References to specific cases, and judges, attorneys, parties, and others involved in a specific case may be redacted from posted comments on the SEC report.

Comments Received

June 21, 2012, Audiocast of Judicial Council Meeting SEC Report Public Comments, Presentation, and Discussion:

Items G and H: Report and Recommendations from SEC and Next Steps for SEC Recommendations
Discussion of Items G and H and Council Action

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