Judge Ira Kaufman

Portrait Ira KaufmanHon. Ira R. Kaufman
Judge, Superior Court of Plumas County

Membership: Voting member, appointed by Chief Justice Ronald M. George

Term Served: Sept 2010–Sept 2013

Internal Committees: Chair, Litigation Management Committee; Technology Committee
Liaison to: Superior Courts of Butte, Lassen, Shasta, Sierra Counties; Judicial Council Information Technology Services

Judge Kaufman was appointed to the Superior Court of Plumas County in 1998. He served two terms as the court’s presiding judge (2001–2003 and 2005–2010). He is a former president and vice-president of the California Judges Association (2006–2008). Before his appointment to the bench, he was engaged in private law practice for 24 years in Los Angeles and Plumas Counties. Judge Kaufman has served three terms on the council’s Trial Court Presiding Judges Advisory Committee (2005–2010) and has participated on its executive committee (2005–2006). He also served on the Rural Courts Education Committee for three years (2003–2006). He was an advisory member of the Judicial Council (2007–2008) and served on the council’s Policy Coordination and Liaison Committee during his initial term.


As part of the Judicial Council’s efforts to increase communication and transparency and promote accountability, council members serve as liaisons to the 58 trial courts and to the major service units of the Judicial Council staff. Members with updates present their reports at Judicial Council meetings, bringing fresh perspectives on the issues and challenges facing the judicial branch.

Liaison Report on San Luis Obispo, Apr  2016
Judge Buckley reports on his visit to San Luis Obispo Superior Court. San Luis Obispo is located on the coast, north of Santa Barbara and south of Monterey. It has a population of just over 275,000 and covers 3600 sq. miles. The judicial allocation is 13 judges and two commissioners. They currently have 3 judicial vacancies and they are all being covered by assigned judges, a program critical to the court. The court was second on the list for a new courthouse in the early 2000, they are now 50. Proposition 47 has had a tremendous impact on the court, and has put a strain on the court’s limited resources. Judge Buckley reports that the court is happy with their new case management system.

Judge Kaufman reports on the Superior Court of Lassen County
Aug 31, 2012

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