Resolving Debt Collection Cases

Resolving Your Debt Collection Case in the California Courts provides information about the options for resolving many types of debts, before or after a court action is filed. If someone is trying to collect a debt that you dispute or are unable to pay, watching this video may help. The video is part of a series that provides information about resolving specific types of cases through the normal court process and through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes, which are usually less formal, less expensive, and less time consuming than a trial.

This video consists of five chapters, organized in a playlist. The chapters will automatically play in sequence, but can be viewed individually by using the playlist control. The video can be played with English, Spanish, and Vietnamese narration and subtitles, by selecting the appropriate tab above.

Please visit the California Courts Online Self Help Center and Self-Help YouTube Channel for more information about resolving your dispute.

Este video consiste de cinco capítulos, organizados en una lista de reproducción. Los capítulos se reproducen automáticamente en secuencia, pero pueden ser vistos individualmente con el control de la lista de reproducción. El video se puede ver con la narración en español, inglés o vietnamita y con subtítulos, seleccionando la pestaña correspondiente.

Por favor visite el Centro de Ayuda de la Cortes de California y el Canal de Autoayuda de YouTube para obtener más información sobre la resolución de su disputa.

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