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California’s courthouses are managed at the state level. The Judicial Council of California serves trial and appellate courts statewide by managing maintenance, renovations, new court construction, and real estate.

Two staff offices under the Judicial Council share responsibility for supporting the court facilities of California's Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, and trial courts:

  • The Capital Program office leads strategic planning for capital outlay and funding, and manages new courthouse design and construction.
  • The Real Estate & Facilities Management office manages court real estate, environmental compliance and sustainability, and facilities maintenance and modifications.

The Judicial Council, the policymaking body of the California courts, and its two advisory groups—the Court Facilities Advisory Committee and the Trial Court Facility Modification Advisory Committee—provide ongoing oversight and governance of both offices.

Latest News

Californians Deserve Safe Courthouses
On Oct 28, the Judicial Council was briefed on the branch’s response to the Aug 24 earthquake that damaged the Historic Napa Courthouse. Many of California’s courthouses are at critical seismic risk. A significant earthquake in any of these buildings would cause structural damage, total disruption of court operations, and possible loss of life. Many current court construction projects, such as the one to replace the courthouse in downtown San Diego that sits on an active fault, address seismic risks. Another 100 court construction and renovation projects await funding. About 60 percent of unfunded projects would replace or improve seismically unsafe courthouses. The recent damage to the Historic Napa Courthouse serves as a reminder of the importance of the Judicial Council’s commitment to provide safe, secure, and accessible courthouses to all Californians. 
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Doing Business With Us

The Judicial Council and its staff are committed to maintaining a transparent, consistent, and accountable procurement system that provides Californians the best value initially and over the long-term operational life of court facilities.

We follow competitive practices when contracting with qualified firms and individuals for products and services used in the planning, acquisition, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of trial and appellate court facilities.


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