Bishop Paiute Indian Tribal Court

The Bishop Paiute tribe is a federally recognized tribe with approximately 875 acres of land located in Inyo County California.  The tribe has approximately 1,600 members.

Chief Judge: William Kockenmeister.  Court Clerk: Joyce Alvey. 

The tribal court was established by Bishop Paiute Tribal Ordinance No. 2003-03 in August 2003. Full development of the court has taken several years.  The tribe hired its tribal court judge in 2008.  The first court dates were held in the spring of 2009.  The court is currently hearing cases involving property disputes, rental disputes and evictions, dog control issues, nuisance issues, required school attendance (truancy), and restraining orders.  The court hopes to soon expand its jurisdiction to include juvenile and family cases.
50 Tu Su Lane
Bishop, California 93514

Telephone: 760-873-3584, ext. 261

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