Quechan Tribal Court

The Quechan/Fort Yuma Tribe is a federally recognized tribe with approximately 44,000 acres of land located in Imperial County California and Yuma County Arizona.  The Reservation lands lie along both sides of the Colorado River.  The tribe has about 3,500 enrolled members.


The tribal court was established in June of 1996.  It is a court of general jurisdiction.  It began hearing cases involving civil and family law matters.  Currently the court hears cases involving family law, dependency and ICWA cases, restraining orders, probate, and some criminal and truancy matters.


There is an available listing of individuals belonging to the Quechan Tribal Bar who have been approved for licensing and the practice of law on the Quechan Indian Reservation, please contact the Court for a copy of the listings.

Chief Judge – Hon. Claudette C. White
Pro Tem Judge-Hon. Gregory Torok

Court Clerk-Barrie- Tibbitts
Deputy Court Clerk- Angel Townsend

Quechan Tribal Court
P.O. Box 1899
Yuma, Arizona 85366

Physical Location:
450 Quechan Drive
Winterhaven, CA

760-572-2102 (fax)
Or emails can be sent to the Court at: tribal.court@quechantribe.com

Website: http://quechantribalcourt.info/

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