Tuolomne County, New Sonora Courthouse

Sonora Courthouse

Superior Court of California, County of Tuolumne

Funded by Senate Bill 1407
Initial Funding Year: FY 2009-2010

The Historic Courthouse, built in 1898, is inadequate to current needs

Current Status
This project is in architectural design-preliminary plans with a current expected completion date of 4 Q 2019.

Vital Statistics
Courtrooms: 5
Square footage: 61,537
Current authorized project budget: $64,596,000 
More information

In anticipation of additional cost-cutting measures, all facts are subject to change
The Superior Court of California, County of Tuolumne is located in the county seat, Sonora, in three buildings located two blocks apart. The three-story Historic Courthouse at 41 West Yaney Street houses three courtrooms. Built in 1898, the courthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places. The nearby Washington Street Branch houses two courtrooms. The Jury Assembly Room is in a leased building across the street from the Washington Street Branch.

These facilities are overcrowded, physically deficient, and significantly lacking in security features to the current standards. For example, all of these facilities lack holding cells for in-custody defendants. Also, separation of court facilities in three buildings creates operational inefficiencies. For example, court records are maintained in the Historic Courthouse, but must be hand-carried between the other two facilities.

The proposed project will consolidate operations from these three buildings into a modern, secure courthouse for centralized criminal, civil, traffic, juvenile, and probate proceedings. It will also enable the court to expand basic services it currently cannot provide due to space restrictions: appropriately-sized jury assembly and deliberation rooms located within the courthouse, a self-help center, a children's waiting room, family court mediation, attorney interview/witness waiting rooms, and secure circulation for court staff and visitors, as well as in-custody holding.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Compliance

The Judicial Council is the lead agency for preparation of an environmental report to comply with CEQA.


The County of Tuolumne was the original lead agency for the CEQA environmental review done on the site for the new courthouse located in the county's Law and Justice Center. The Judicial Council adopted the county's existing EIR prior to the acquisition of the property.

November 23, 2011: The Judicial Council filed its own Notice of Determination for the courthouse project.

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