Change a Child's Name

Choose the option that best fits your situation:

Both parents agree to file together     Arrow button
Only one parent is filing for a name change      Arrow button
Changing a child's name to conform to gender identity
If you want to change a child's name to make it match their gender identity, select this process.
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Changing a minor's gender
If you want to legally change a child's gender (with or without a name change too), proceed with this option.
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You are the child's guardian    Arrow button
Currently involved in a family law case
If you are involved in a family law case like parentage, child support, adoption or child custody, etc, and there has not been a final judgment yet, you can ask that the name be changed as part of the judgment on Form FL-250
Correct a typographical error on the child's birth certificate
If you are not trying to change your child's name but you just need to correct a typographical error on your child's birth certificate, click here to learn how to amend the birth certificate.