Responding to Annulment

If you have received a petition for an annulment from your spouse or domestic partner, talk to a lawyer. The law that applies to annulments is complicated and this website cannot give you enough information for you to handle your case without help. Click for help finding a lawyer.

Read the papers you have received. The Petition (Form FL-100) tells you what the petitioner, your spouse or domestic partner, is asking for.

The Summons (Family Law) (Form FL-110) gives you important information about your rights and the court process. It also contains some standard restraining orders limiting what you can do with your property, money, and other assets or debts, as well as moving out of state with your children from your marriage or domestic partnership. READ this form carefully!!

And make sure you read the Basics section on annulments to learn when someone can ask for an annulment and what getting an annulment can mean.