Expedited Jury Trials

A Streamlined Jury Trial Process for Handling Civil Actions

The Expedited Jury Trials Act (Assem. Bill 2284 [Evans]; Stats 2010, ch. 674, effective January 1, 2011), establishes an alternative, streamlined method for handling civil actions to promote the speedy and economic resolution of cases and to conserve judicial resources. An expedited jury trial is heard by a smaller jury, and the goal is to complete the trial in one day.

Participation is voluntary. The decision of the jury is binding on the parties, and appeals and post-trial motions are strictly limited. A key feature of the expedited jury trial model is its flexibility, which allows the parties to enter into agreements governing the rules of procedure, including the manner and method of presenting evidence and high/low agreements on damages. The scheduling of expedited jury trials and the assignment of judicial officers are left to each superior court.

For more information, please refer to:

Expedited Jury Trials Act (Assem. Bill 2284 [Evans]; Stats 2010, ch. 674)

Rules 3.1545-3.1552, California Rules of Court

Expedited Jury Trial Information Sheet (EJT-010-Info)