Trial Court Performance

Performance Management

The CourTools Project, in partnership with the National Center for State Courts, is an ongoing effort to identify and test promising measures of performance. As new publications become available regarding the continued research and testing of the CourTools in new jurisdictions, they will be posted here. For more information on the CourTools project please visit the National Center for State Court's CourTools Web site.

Implementing Performance Management in the California Courts

Contact: Leah Rose-Goodwin, Office of Court Research,

Developing Conservatorship Performance Standards

Performance Study being conducted by the Office of Court Research is designed to identify measures of quality that the courts should achieve in processing conservatorship cases and to specify the resources necessary to reach these benchmarks. The paper discusses many of the study’s preliminary findings and identifies several important issues to consider while developing performance standards.

Court Effectiveness in Conservatorship Case Processing (January 2008)

Developing Conservatorship Performance Standards in the California Courts: Preliminary Observations (January 2007)

Contact: Karen Viscia, Office of Court Research,