AOC Named as a “2012 Honor Laureate”

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March 26, 2012

AOC Named as a “2012 Honor Laureate” for its Protective Order Registry

SAN FRANCISCO—IDG’s Computerworld Honors Program has named the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), for its California Courts Protective Order Registry (CCPOR), as a 2012 Honors Laureate for applying technology to meet a specific social need in the “safety and security” category. The AOC developed the registry by applying the technology used in the development of the California Case Management System (CCMS).

“I am very pleased that CCPOR was selected to become one of 200 laureates from 25 countries, said Judge James E. Herman, a member of the Judicial Council and chair of the council’s Internal CCMS Committee. “This recognition proves that feedback and collaboration from our justice system partners helped to build CCPOR by applying CCMS technology to meet a public safety need that benefits our citizens.”

The Protective Order Registry is a statewide repository of protective orders containing both data and scanned images of orders that can be accessed by judges, court staff and law enforcement officials. Launched in June 2010 and currently used by superior courts in 22 counties the registry allows judges to view orders issued by other courts and across county lines. Armed with this more complete information, judges can make better informed decisions and avoid entering multiple orders with conflicting terms and conditions.

Law enforcement officers benefit by being able to view complete images of orders, including notes, special conditions, and warnings that are often handwritten by judges on the orders.

CCPOR contains all types of restraining and protective orders, including domestic violence restraining orders, criminal protective orders, civil harassment restraining orders, elder abuse restraining orders, school violence prevention orders, and workplace violence restraining orders.

The Computerworld honors awards will be presented at a June 4 ceremony in Washington, D.C.

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