Juror Appreciation Week

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Juror Appreciation Week, May 11-15, 2020

In 1998, the California Legislature designated the second full week in May each year to honor the important contributions of citizens who devote their time and effort in "making the cherished right of trial by jury a reality and to raise awareness about their contribution to our courts."

Each year, the Judicial Council of California and the superior courts team up to recognize the millions of Californians who answer the call to serve their communities and put into practice the fundamental American ideal of justice.

However, this year is different from all others. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in radical changes to our way of life that have affected our families and communities in profound ways. For our California courts, that has included a temporary suspension of jury trials, among other changes in day-to-day court business.

While it may appear strange to celebrate jurors during this unique time when there are no trials happening and no jurors appearing, we think there is no better time to recognize the invaluable service our jurors provide. As we have seen from the costs and consequences of delaying trials to resolve civil disputes and criminal offenses, there is simply no replacement for the role that jurors fill in our justice system. As we continue to navigate this pandemic, there will be a greater need than ever for jurors and, through their service, for all of us to adapt to a “new normal” where our disputes may still be resolved in a court of law.

Why celebrate Juror Appreciation Week?

  • To celebrate our jurors for their outstanding and important service;
  • To recognize the sacrifices jurors make in order to fulfill their civic duty;
  • To honor the relationship between the jurors, their courts, as well as their local communities; and
  • To join with the American Bar Association, our justice partners, and other courts in acknowledging and appreciating jurors.

Why participate in jury service?

You have the opportunity:

  • To serve your local community by ensuring access to justice for everyone, including yourself;
  • To fundamentally contribute to our American system of law and order;
  • To discover how empowering jury service can be, how treasured the connections you will make with others during the course of your service can be; and
  • To directly affect an individual’s life by weighing evidence, taking part in a trial, and rendering a verdict.

Did you know?

Statewide, Californians participate in jury service in the following ways:

  • Almost 9 million people are summoned to jury service in California every year;
  • More than 4 million prospective jurors are eligible and available to serve; and
  • Approximately 80 percent of prospective jurors who report to courthouse in person complete service in one day.

Other Resources

  • To learn more about jury service, go to Jury Service Basics
  • To get information and instructions for responding to your juror summons, read Court and Community
  • To get local your court’s web address and other contact information, please use the Find My Court option
  • To get jury information from your court, use our website’s local jury information tool. Each court is responsible for the content on their website.
  • Don’t forget to check out our new educational brochures available on our website at the Jury Resources page!

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