October 25-26, 2012 Meetings

Judicial Council sealOpen to the Public (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 10.6(a))
Ronald M. George State Office Complex
William C. Vickrey Judicial Council Conference Center
Malcolm M. Lucas Board Room
455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, California 94102-3688

Thursday October 25, 2012 Agenda

All times are estimates 
Public comment, on general issues of judicial administration or on specific agenda items, is accepted for Judicial Council business meetings. To present your views to the council, please refer to the business meeting agenda for specific instructions.

Meeting materials will be hyperlinked to agenda titles as soon as possible after approval by the Executive and Planning Committee. Time is estimated. Actual start and end times may vary

Non-Business Meeting - Closed (rule 10.6(A))

Closed Session 10:30 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.

Lunch Break 12:40 - 2:00 p.m. (approx.)

Open Meeting (rule 10.6(A)) Business Meeting (Items 1-5)

2:00–2:05 p.m. Swearing in of New Council Members and the Administrative Director of the Courts

2:05-2:20 p.m. Recognition of Departing Advisory Committee Chairs

2:20-2:40 p.m. Public Comment
[See Cal. Rules of Court, rules 10.6(d) and 10.6(e).]

2:40-2:45 p.m. Approval of Minutes (August 30-31, 2012, JC Meetings)

2:45-2:55 p.m. Chief Justice's Report

2:55-3:05 p.m. Administrative Director's Report

3:05-3:20 p.m. Judicial Council Committee Presentations

  • Policy Coordination and Liaison Committee
    Hon. Marvin R. Baxter, Chair
  • Executive and Planning Committee
    Hon. Douglas P. Miller, Chair
  • Rules and Projects Committee
    Hon. Judith Ashmann-Gerst, Vice Chair
  • Technology Committee
    Hon. James E. Herman, Chair

Item 1 - 3:20-4:00 p.m.
Judicial Branch: Report and Recommendations from 2011 Summit on Judicial Diversity (Action Required)

Break 4:00-4:15 p.m.

Item 2 - 4:15-4:35 p.m.
Judicial Workload Assessment: 2012 Update of the Need for New Judgeships in the Superior Courts (Action Required)

Item 3 - 4:35-4:45 p.m.
Judicial Branch Administration: Reduced Annual Membership Dues for the National Center for State Courts (Action Required)

Item 4 - 4:45-4:55 p.m.
Judicial Council Report on Distinguished Service Award Recipients (Action Required)

Item 5 - 4:55-5:10 p.m.
Adoption and Permanency Month: Judicial Council Resolution (Action Required)


Friday October 26, 2012 Consent Agenda (Items A1-A30 through E)

Items A1-A30 Rules, Forms and Standards

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Item A1
Alternative Dispute Resolution: Judicial Arbitration (Action Required)

Appellate Procedure

Item A2
Appellate Procedure: Appointment of Appellate Counsel in Juvenile Delinquency Appeals (Action Required)

Item A3
Appellate Procedure: Contents of the Normal Record in Criminal Appeals (Action Required)

Item A4
Appellate Procedure: Copies of Briefs in Civil Appeals in the Court of Appeal Served on the Supreme Court (Action Required)

Item A5
Appellate Procedure: Premature or Late Notice of Intent to File a Writ Petition in a Juvenile Dependency Proceeding (Action Required)

Item A6
Appellate Procedure: Recoverable Costs on Appeal (Action Required)

Item A7
Appellate Procedure: Reference to Fee Amounts for Filing Notice of Appeal (Action Required)

Item A8
Appellate Procedure: Transmission of Administrative Records on Appeal (Action Required)

Item A9
Court Records: Creation, Maintenance, and Preservation of Court of Appeal Records (Action Required)

Civil and Small Claims

Item A10
Civil Discovery: Form Interrogatories for Construction Litigation (Action Required)

Item A11
Civil Practice and Procedure: Notice of Conditional Settlement (Action Required)

Item A12
Civil Trials: Voir Dire Rules of Court (Action Required)

Item A13
Small Claims: Forms to Address Default in Payment of Judgment in Installments (Action Required)

Criminal Law

Item A14
Criminal Justice Realignment: Felony Waiver and Plea Form (Action Required)

Item A15
Criminal Justice Realignment: Intercounty Transfer Procedures (Action Required)

Item A16
Criminal Justice Realignment: Procedures to Revoke Parole and Postrelease Community Supervision (Action Required)

Item A17
Criminal Procedure: Transcripts of Notification of Appeal Rights (Action Required)

Family and Juvenile Law

Item A18
Family Law: Correcting Substantive Issues in Forms for Dissolution of Domestic Partnership or Marriage (Action Required)

Item A19
Family Law: Proof of Service by Posting or Publication (Action Required)

Item A20
Juvenile Dependency: Counsel Collections Program (Action Required)

Item A21
Juvenile Law: Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (Action Required)

Probate and Guardianship

Item A22
Probate: Notice to Creditors in Decedents’ Estates (Action Required)

Item A23
Probate Conservatorship and Guardianship: Financial Eligibility for County Payment for Counsel Appointed by the Court in Proceedings Under the Guardianship-Conservatorship Law (Action Required)

Item A24
Probate Guardianships: Communications Between California Courts on Guardianship Venue Issues (Action Required)

Item A25
Probate Guardianships: Testimony and Alternatives to Testimony of Wards and Proposed Wards in Guardianship Cases (Action Required)

Protective Orders

Item A26
Protective Orders: Emergency Protective Order Form (Action Required)

Item A27
Protective Orders: Notice of New Hearing and Order on Reissuance (Action Required)


Item A28
Rules and Forms: Technical Change to Title of Rule 10.301 (Action Required)

Item A29
Trial and Appellate Court Procedure: Contact Information for Parties and Attorneys (Action Required)

Item A30
Trial Court Security: Petitions Under Government Code Section 69926 (Action Required)

Item B
Collaborative Justice Project: Substance Abuse Focus Grant Funding Allocation Recommendations for Fiscal Year 2012-2013 (Action Required)

Item C
Judicial Branch Administration: Audit Reports for Judicial Council Acceptance (Action Required)

Item D
Proposed Allocation for Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Judicial Council Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Local Assistance (Action Required)

Item E
Allocations and Reimbursements to Trial Courts: Annual Report to the Legislature (Action Required)

Discussion Agenda (Items F-I)

Item F - 8:30-8:50 a.m.
Judicial Branch Education: Final Report on the 2010–2012 CJER Governing Committee Education Plan (No Action Required)

Item G - 8:50-10:05 a.m.
Court Facilities: Indefinite Delay of Seven SB 1407 Projects Due to Funding Redirections and Recommendations Related to Pegasus Audit Report (Action Required)

Break - 10:05-10:20 (approx.)

Item H - 10:20-11:10 a.m.
State Trial Court Improvement and Modernization Fund Allocations: Statewide Programs and Projects (Action Required)

Item I - 11:10a.m.-1:10p.m
Trial Court Trust Fund Allocations: 2 Percent Reserve (Action Required)

Lunch - 1:10-1:40p.m. (approx.)

Information Only Items (No Action Required)

Info 1
Status Update on the Implementation of Judicial Council Approved AOC Realignment Recommendations

Info 2
Court Facilities: Lease-Revenue Bond Issuances, Fall 2011–Spring 2012

Info 3
Family Law: Court Employed Child Custody Mediators’ Working Files

Info 4
Government Code Section 68106: Implementation and Notice by Trial Courts of Closing Courtrooms or Clerks’ Offices or Reducing Clerks’ Office Hours (Report No. 15)

Info 5
Judicial Administration Standards and Measures That Promote the Fair and Efficient Administration of Justice

Info 6
Court Facilities: Trial Court Facility Modifications Quarterly Activity Report: Quarter 1, Fiscal Year 2012-2013

Info 7
Trial Courts: Annual Investment Report for Fiscal Year 2011-2012

Info 8
Trial Court Trust Fund Expenditures and Encumbrances: Quarterly Report to the Legislature and the Department of Finance 

Info 9
Trial Court Trust Fund Allocation: Final $235 Million Reduction Based on Ending 2011–2012 Fund Balance

Circulating Orders since the last business meeting

Appointment Orders since the last business meeting