Alan Carlson

Term Served: Sept 2010–Sept 2013

carlson portrait Mr. Alan Carlson
Court Executive Officer, Superior Court of Orange County

Membership: Advisory member, appointed by Chief Justice Ronald M. George

Internal Committee: Rules and Projects Committee, Technology Committee
Liaison to: AOC Office of Real Estate and Facilities Management

Mr. Carlson has been court executive officer of the Superior Court of Orange County since Sept 2008. He was president and San Francisco director of the Justice Management Institute from 2000-2008 and CEO of the San Francisco Superior Court from 1993-2000. He was assistant director of court service and manager of the trial court special projects unit for the Administrative Office of the Courts from 1989-1993. Mr. Carlson also served as the executive officer of the Superior Court of Monterey County from 1983-1989 and the assistant executive officer of the Superior Court of Alameda County from 1980-1983. He was a staff attorney for the National Center for State Courts from 1976-1980. Mr. Carlson chairs the Court Executives Advisory Committee in 2012, and serves on the Trial Court Budget Working Group, and the E-Access Working Group.  Past committee experience includes the Trial Court Budget Commission, the Family Court Services Advisory Committee, Trial Court Funding Task Force Oversight Committee, Court Profiles Advisory Committee, and Task Force on Jury Implementation. Mr. Carlson also served as an advisory member of the Judicial Council from 1987 to 1988.