Elder Abuse Benchbook and Educational Course: RFP # CFCC-04-13-LM

The Judicial Council of California, Administrative Office of the Courts seeks the services of a qualified contractor who is a member of the California State Bar with expertise in elder abuse issues and California law, to draft two chapters for an Elder Abuse Benchbook entitled Allegations of Elder Abuse in Criminal Cases and Restraining Orders Issued in Elder Abuse Cases. An additional requirement is to serve as co-faculty for a 2-1/2 day course on handling elder abuse cases. All work is in support of the California judiciary.  The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit and award a contract and this RFP is the means for prospective contractors to submit their qualifications and request selection as the contractor.

Questions regarding this RFP should be directed to Solicitations@jud.ca.gov by April 22, 2013, no later than 1:00 P.M. Pacific Time.

Proposals must be received by April 29, 2013, no later than 1:00 P.M. Pacific Time.
Hard copy proposals must be delivered to:

Judicial Council of California
Administrative Office of the Courts
Fiscal Services Office, Business Services
Attn: Nadine McFadden, RFP: CFCC-04-13-LM
455 Golden Gate Avenue 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA  94102-3688

Further details regarding the solicitation and program requirements are set forth in the RFP and related documents provided, below:

RFP: CFCC-04-13-LM

Table of Contents

Attachment 1 – Administrative Rules Governing RFPs

Attachment 2 – Contract Terms and Conditions

Attachment 3 – Proposer’s Acceptance of Contract Terms and Conditions

Attachment 4 – Vendor Data Record Form

Attachment 5 – Darfur Contracting Act Certification Form

Attachment 6 – Conflict of Interest Certification Form

Attachment 7 – Elder Abuse Benchbook Proposed Table of Contents

Questions and Answers

Intent to Award

Notice of Award