Interpreter Orientation: Working in the California Courts

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Welcome to the California courts online orientation for new court interpreters! It is very important that you read and watch all of the content contained in each of the modules. The modules will provide you with the basic information needed to begin interpreting in the California courts. Each module should take approximately 60 minutes to complete (total of 6 hours for the course). This course is required as part of your enrollment with the Judicial Council as a certified court or registered interpreter, and listing on the Judicial Council’s Master List of Certified Court and Registered Interpreters (Master List)

Please view the additional links and resources for each module as they will further prepare you for your role as a court interpreter. You should plan to complete one module at a time because the course will not automatically save the place where you stopped if you exit a module early. If a video does not load properly within a module, please refresh your browser and return to the slide with the video. Please note that the course modules require a flash-enabled browser so they will not work on an iPad or some mobile devices.

Please print out the Certificate of Completion at the end of  each module and make sure your name is on the certificate. Please submit all six Certificates of Completion to the Court Interpreters Program, along with other required enrollment materials If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact the Court Interpreters Program for assistance.

Court Interpreter Minimum Continuing Education Credit (CIMCE) is only applicable to interpreters currently enrolled on the Master List and in good standing. Current interpreters on the Master List must print and retain each Certificate of Completion and retain for their records. Each module counts for one CIMCE credit.

Module 4 - The Role of the Interpreter

Module 6 - Non-Criminal Court Proceedings