Balboa High School Welcomes Chief Justice

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Students from Balboa High School Question the Chief Justice of California

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Students from Balboa High School Question the Chief Justice of California

On Feb 13, 2013, Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye visited Balboa High School in San Francisco to speak with more than 200 students, staff, and parents.

The Chief Justice’s trip to Balboa was a follow-up to the Law Academy’s visit to the California Supreme Court’s oral arguments on Feb 5 at the University of San Francisco’s School of Law.

Future Attorneys in Training

Sitting on the auditorium stage with Balboa Law Academy students Adam MacCloskey, Najaw Anasse, Dorian Swisher, and Shaienne Anderson, the Chief Justice said, “It’s a joy to my heart to see so many of you who look so much like me when I was in high school and with my friends. Given the option to stay after school for an event like this, I’m not too sure my friends and I would have come. So, I’m grateful you’re here.”

The Law Academy provides students the opportunity to explore a career in the justice system and helps inspire them to create social, legal, and economic justice in their own communities.

Chief Justice answers questions from students:

"Was it your goal to become Chief Justice?" (2:14)

"Getting to where you are today, was it self motivation, or..."  (1:21)

"What advice would you give to a student with average grades?" (0:54)

teacher michael rosenberg
The Art of Racing Yourself

Michael Rosenberg (pictured left), social studies teacher and the Law Academy’s director, knew if the students could just hear the Chief Justice talk about her life and career, they couldn’t help but feel inspired even further.

“A woman, and a woman of color who comes from humble beginnings, being able to rise up to the position she’s in,” said Rosenberg, “I think hearing her speak about her background and career allows the students to say, ‘That could be me. I can do that.’

“When the kids leave here today, I want them to take away that thought. That they can get there—wherever ‘there’ is—and nothing and no one should hold them back. As the Chief Justice says, life is a marathon, and the only one you’re racing is yourself.”