About the Trial Process

Three Main Steps of a Jury Trial

Learn about the basic elements of a jury trial. Use the following tabs to review each step of a jury trial and become more familiar with the process as a whole.

To find out what to expect during your jury service, please read our Jury Handbook and watch our new orientation video, "Justice For All." 

Please note that detailed information about the statutes that govern much of the process for selecting and administering jury trials in the state of California may be found in Section 190-237 of the California Code of Civil Procedure.

More Questions about your Jury Service?

Questions about your or an employee's jury service, including ability to serve, should be directed to the local court that summoned you or your employee.

Get General Information About Jury Service

Court and Community Jury Brochure cover

View the Court and Community Jury Brochure to get information and instructions for responding to your juror summons,