Resources to Find the Law, Rules and Regulations

Use the resources provided below to find laws, rules and regulations at the state, local, and federal levels.

Finding Primary Law: Cases, Statutes, and Regulations
This web page by the Sacramento County Public Law Library provides a list and links to many legal state and federal websites, including legal sites, courts, and administrative agencies.

State (California)

California Constitution
This site does not post all regulations of the State of California. If you need a regulation that is not posted, your public law library may be able to help.
California Rules of Court


Local Codes and Charters
If your community's local code and charter are not on the above site, look for copies of your local laws at your public law library or local public library .
Local Rules of Court
The court in each county has its own local rules of court. The local rules for each court tell you how that court does things. For example, local rules will often tell you about the forms required in your case.  Or if there is more than one courthouse in the county, the local rules may tell you where to file your case. They will also explain if there are certain guidelines that the court uses for some types of cases.  If you do not follow the local rules, your case may be delayed while you correct something.
         ALERT! Follow the local rules of the court where your case is filed!


United States Constitution
Supreme Court Opinion Collection
Nearly all of the U.S. Supreme Court opinions issued since May 1990 are available from the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute.
Supreme Court Decisions
U.S. Supreme Court decisions from 1937 to 1974. You can also get opinions at your public law library or from a commercial service.