Judge Gary Nadler

Image of Hon. Gary NadlerHon. Gary Nadler
Presiding Judge, Superior Court of Sonoma County

Current Term: Sept 15, 2018–Sept 14, 2019
Membership: Advisory member, reappointed from a voting position by Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye
Internal Committees: Technology Committee, Vice-Chair; Executive and Planning Committee
Council Liaison to: Superior Courts of Mendocino, Monterey, and San Francisco Counties

Currently assigned to the civil division of the Superior Court of Sonoma County, Judge Nadler served as its presiding judge from 2009 to 2011. Since his appointment to the bench in 2002, he has been a key member of several Judicial Council committees and task forces. A current member of the Trial Court Facility Modification Advisory Committee, he has also been actively involved in the Court Technology Advisory Committee and its Technology Planning Task Force. Judge Nadler previously served on Trial Court Presiding Judges Advisory Committee, the Trial Court Budget Working Group, and the Advisory Committee on Financial Accountability and Efficiency for the Judicial Branch.

A judicial education leader, Judge Nadler has served on the Civil Law Education Committee for the Center for Judiciary Education and Research since 2005. He teaches extensively in continuing education for California judges and is a faculty member for the Bernard E. Witkin Judicial College, the annual two-week program for new judges. A co-author of the California Discovery Handbook, he has authored action guides relating to civil discovery for the Continuing Education of the Bar.
Judge Nadler is a long-standing adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law, from which he received his law degree. Also active in the California Judges Association, he currently serves on its government relations committee. He has been recognized for his community service in connection with Sonoma County’s drug court and in service to the homeless, receiving the Marijke Byck Spirit of Community award from the Task Force for the Homeless in 2009.