Chief Justice Issues Statement in Response to the 2014–2015 Budget

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June 20, 2014

Chief Justice Issues Statement in Response to the 2014–2015 Budget

portrait of chief justice tani g cantil-sakauye

SAN FRANCISCO—California Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye issued the following statement in response to the finalization of the 2014–2015 Budget Act: 
"This is the second year of partial reinvestment in the judicial branch after five years of severe budget cuts resulting in a reduction to access to justice. And while I appreciate the work of the Governor and the Legislature in increasing branch funding, especially given the context of this budget, the state revenues, the demands and the needs—unfortunately it is not enough to provide timely, meaningful justice to the public. My Three-Year Blueprint for a Fully Functioning Judicial Branch reflected not only the needs of the branch to provide justice, but also foreshadowed the impact of falling short of those needs—more disappointment, service reductions, and delay for those who need our courts.
"Going forward, we remain focused on our Blueprint and the work needed to secure a careful restoration of funding in the judicial branch of government, not just for the next fiscal year, but for many years to come. Even in this year’s enacted budget there are reasons to be positive—creative two-year solutions, backfills and augmentations in key areas, and solutions to the long-term impact of benefits costs.
"I am especially grateful to all those who advocated on behalf of branch reinvestment for the public—Judicial Council members; appellate and trial court leaders; individual justices, judges, and court staff; bar and legal services organizations; and justice partners—all who listened and acted."