Traffic Programs

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The description of the programs below represent efforts by individual trial courts to enhance access
to justice throughout the state. If you are looking for specific guidance on any of these topics, please
visit our Online Self-Help Center.  

Court Appearance Reminder System - Los Angeles Superior Court
Automated dialer phone technology reminds defendants of their scheduled court dates and offers the option of paying the citation in lieu of appearing in court.

Electronic Filing of Citations - Santa Clara Superior Court
Traffic citations in Santa Clara County are filed electronically by law enforcement agencies and the California Highway Patrol.

Paperless Traffic - San Mateo Superior Court
Replacement of individual traffic files with scanned images of all citations that can be viewed electronically by staff and the bench during the hearing.

Remote Video Proceedings - Fresno Superior Court
Depending on geographic location, certain violators may elect to appear in traffic court by video conference for traffic arraignment, trials, and related proceedings.

Reserve a Court Date Traffic - Orange Superior Court
Customers schedule traffic appearances online, by phone, or at the public counters and, on the day of the hearing, bypass the traffic counter and report directly to the courtroom.

Traffic Citation Outsourcing (Citation Review, Data Entry, Imaging, and Transmission) - Orange Superior Court
The court outsources data entry, imaging, citation review services, and electronic data transmission tasks for traffic citations to a private vendor. The vendor is also responsible for retrieving citations, reviewing citations for errors, inputting citation data, digitally imaging citations, electronically transferring citation data and image to the court’s case management system, and returning processed citations to the court.

Traffic Court Reengineering - Marin Superior Court
Requests for defendants that do not require judicial rulings (e.g., requests for extensions, payment plans, community service work, and traffic school) are handled by court staff in the Traffic Clerk's Office.

Traffic e-Calendars - Placer Superior Court
Electronic case files and calendaring for the traffic division.

Traffic Online Arraignment Date Scheduling - San Mateo Superior Court
A web-based application provides traffic customers the ability to reserve an arraignment date in advance.

Trial by Declaration in Absentia and Civil Assessment for Failure to Pay – Santa Clara Superior Court
The court proceeds with a Trial by Declaration in Absentia to adjudicate cases in the traffic division when a defendant fails to appear in court or fails to contact the court by the due date on the citation.

Related Programs

Collaborative Justice: Homeless Court - Ventura Superior Court
A special court session in collaboration with local shelters for the homeless to resolve outstanding minor offenses and warrants.

Court Ordered Debt: Acceptance of Court Payments at Retail Locations and Through online Banking - Riverside Superior Court
Court payments on criminal and infraction cases are accepted at retail locations or through online banking for which private companies serve as processors.

Court Ordered Debt: Automated Payment Processing - San Bernardino Superior Court
An Automated Payment Processing System utilized to batch and post payments to cases in the criminal and traffic case management system.

Court Ordered Debt: Defendant Payment Notification - Riverside Superior Court
Technology that provides payment notification reminders via text messages or e-mails two weeks before each payment is due to the court for criminal, traffic, and juvenile delinquency defendants who have opted-in to the program.

Language: Unlawful Detainer Web Portal for Interpreter Requests - Los Angeles Superior Court New Program
The Unlawful Detainer Web Portal for Interpreter Requests allows parties in unlawful detainer cases to schedule an interpreter for a language other than Spanish via a web portal on the court's website. The online scheduling service allows the court to make more efficient use of scarce interpreter resources, so that unlawful detainer litigants can have access to interpreters where they might otherwise not be able to.

Tribal-State: Access to Justice – State Court Hears Cases on Tribal Lands, Humboldt Superior Court and Hoopa Valley Tribal Court
Local superior court collaborates with tribal court to hear superior court cases involving tribal and nontribal members on the reservation.