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Court Interpreters - Sonoma Superior Court
The court provides American Sign Language interpreter resources on one designated day each week via video remote interpreting.

Online Automated Traffic Case Assistant - Los Angeles Superior Court New Program
The Los Angeles Superior Court website provides an automated online assistant, or "avatar" that interacts with customers and provides assistance in six different languages, with various traffic transactions, including paying for a ticket, scheduling a court date, and signing up for traffic school. After asking questions to gather pertinent information, the online assistant guides users to the appropriate traffic court webpage and allows them to navigate through simple, clearly-worded automated prompts to quickly find the services they need.

Unlawful Detainer Web Portal for Interpreter Requests - Los Angeles Superior Court New Program
The Unlawful Detainer Web Portal for Interpreter Requests allows parties in unlawful detainer cases to schedule an interpreter for a language other than Spanish via a web portal on the court's website. The online scheduling service allows the court to make more efficient use of scarce interpreter resources, so that unlawful detainer litigants can have access to interpreters where they might otherwise not be able to.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Project for American Sign Language Interpreting - Stanislaus Superior Court
American Sign Language interpreters are available through VRI using specialized video equipment.

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Justice Partners Collaboration: Binational Justice Project - Imperial Superior Court
The court signed agreements with Mexican authorities to permit enforcement of family court orders across the nation's border. The court also partnered with Mexican entities to provide free legal services to self-represented family law litigants.