Jury Programs

Jury icon View innovative Jury-related projects and programs.
The description of the programs below represent efforts by individual trial courts to enhance access
to justice throughout the state. If you are looking for specific guidance on any of these topics, please
visit our Jury Service section.  

My Jury Duty Portal - Los Angeles Superior Court
An online web portal that allows jurors to register, postpone, request excuses or transfers, receive reporting instructions, and access other functions.

Online Juror Questionnaires - Marin Superior Court
Juror questionnaires are scanned and uploaded to a secure, password-protected webpage that can only be accessed by attorneys and parties who have been granted access to the page, instead of copying questionnaires for all attorneys/parties in a jury trial.

Postcard Jury Summons - Orange Superior Court
Orange County Superior Court sends prospective jurors a double-sided postcard summons, in lieu of a long form summons letter, indicating where and when to appear or call-in for jury service. Each postcard summons includes a unique juror ID number, as well as instructions on how to respond to the summons through the court’s online eJuror system.