Criminal Programs

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The description of the programs below represent efforts by individual trial courts to enhance access
to justice throughout the state. If you are looking for specific guidance on any of these topics, please
visit our Online Self-Help Center.  

Comprehensive Case Flow Management Reports - Riverside Superior Court
Comprehensive criminal and civil case flow reports generated from the court case management system provide judicial leaders with the information necessary to make decisions to allocate resources.

Electronic On-Call Warrants - San Bernardino Superior Court
Electronic processing of warrants and probable cause declarations during non-court hours.

Misdemeanor Post Judgment Reengineering - Marin Superior Court
Following sentencing, misdemeanor defendants are directed to the clerk's office to make arrangements to pay, complete programs, sign up for community service work, and modify terms and conditions for most kinds of modifications.

Online Probable Cause Determinations - Contra Costa Superior Court
A web-based system that allows judicial officers to review probable cause declarations online. The arresting officer and jail are notified in real time to detain or release a detainee.

Victim Restitution Notification Program
Electronic delivery of the Minute Order and Restitution Order to the County Revenue Division.

Related Programs

Collaborative Justice: Homeless Court - Ventura Superior Court
A special court session in collaboration with local shelters for the homeless to resolve outstanding minor offenses and warrants.

Collaborative Justice: Veterans Treatment Court - Orange Superior Court
A dedicated criminal calendar offering therapeutic treatment instead of incarceration for combat veterans whose first offense stems from disorders arising from their combat experience.

Community Outreach: Real DUI Court in Schools Program - Solano Superior Court
The court brings real DUI trials to local high schools to convey the perils of drinking and driving and to demonstrate the consequences of DUI.

Court Ordered Debt: Acceptance of Court Payments at Retail Locations and Through online Banking - Riverside Superior Court
Court payments on criminal and infraction cases are accepted at retail locations or through online banking for which private companies serve as processors.

Court Ordered Debt: Automated Payment Processing - San Bernardino Superior Court
An Automated Payment Processing System utilized to batch and post payments to cases in the criminal and traffic case management system.

Court Ordered Debt: Defendant Payment Notification - Riverside Superior Court
Technology that provides payment notification reminders via text messages or e-mails two weeks before each payment is due to the court for criminal, traffic, and juvenile delinquency defendants who have opted-in to the program.

Justice Partners Collaboration: Community Justice Center - San Francisco Superior Court
A Collaborative Court and social service center provides defendants with access to case management, shelter placement, assistance with applying for benefits, on-site support groups, and service linkages to a wide variety of community providers.

Justice Partners Collaboration: Violation of Probation in Lieu Night Court - Sacramento Superior Court
In collaboration with criminal justice partners, certain non-violent felony cases are resolved by filing a violation of probation rather than filing new charges.

Probate: Mental Health Offsite Hearings - Santa Clara Superior Court
Implementation of video hearings for mental health calendars in probate for patients at a few state hospitals resulting in a reduction in transportation costs and fewer disruptions in treatment for those mental health litigants previously transported to hearings at the courthouse.

Technology/Digital Court Programs: eCase eXchange - Riverside Superior Court
eCase eXchange is a web-based program, accessed through a secured website, that allows authorized staff to upload and encrypt PDF versions of case files, generate electronic certifications, and produce receipts for record automatically.

Tribal-State: Access to Justice – State Court Hears Cases on Tribal Lands, Humboldt Superior Court and Hoopa Valley Tribal Court
Local superior court collaborates with tribal court to hear superior court cases involving tribal and nontribal members on the reservation.