ADR Programs

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The description of the programs below represent efforts by individual trial courts to enhance access
to justice throughout the state. If you are looking for specific guidance on any of these topics, please
visit our Online Self-Help Center.  

Civil Mediation Project - Nevada Superior Court
Free mediation services are provided at the time of trial for unlawful detainer, small claims, civil harassment restraining orders, and probate cases providing litigants better access to justice and relieving some calendar congestion.

Loan Modification Settlement Conference - Santa Clara Superior Court
An innovative program to help limit litigation in foreclosure cases by assisting both the home owner and the financial institution to come to a mutual agreement. 

Multi-Option Appropriate Dispute Resolution Project (MAP) - San Mateo Superior Court
The court partnered with the local bar association and community mediation center to offer a comprehensive range of dispute resolution services for noncriminal cases including mediation, arbitration, and hybrid dispute resolution services.

Related Programs

Civil: Discovery Facilitator Program - Sonoma Superior Court
Discovery facilitators provide up to two hours of free service to any parties to attempt to facilitate the resolution of discovery disputes, eliminate unnecessary discovery law and motion hearings, and shorten the wait time for setting hearing dates.

Civil: Early Legal Assessment - Orange Superior Court
A retired judge or appellate justice provides confidential legal assessments of pivotal legal issues early in the litigation process to eliminate lengthy mediation and trials.