Civil Mediation Project - Nevada Superior Court

ADRicon Project Name: Civil Mediation Project - Nevada Superior Court
Court: Nevada Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

The Civil Mediation Project offers free mediation at the time of trial for unlawful detainer, small claims, civil harassment restraining orders, and probate cases. The program is coordinated through the self-help center or Public Law Center (PLC) and mediators are provided by two collaborating community partners: Conflict Resolution Center (CRC) and the Truckee Family Resource Center (TFRC). Trained volunteer mediators are available as the calendar is called. All parties are advised on the benefits of mediation from the bench. If stipulations are reached, they are reviewed by court staff and the judge is able to sign while the parties are present. Some cases carry over the allotted time and resume at the location of the non-profit mediation provider.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The program provides increased access, fairness, and a higher quality of justice for pro per litigants. Pro per litigants report a high level of satisfaction with the program. Other benefits include less impacted court calendars and a cultural shift toward mediation. Judges are referring more cases to mediation, litigants are prepared to accept mediation, and attorneys are bringing stipulated agreements prior to the court date.

By using the mediation provider in the court setting, the provider was able to use the community service aspect of the court program to leverage the dispute resolution funding. This allowed the provider to better train and hire staff. The court program allowed the community to benefit by having the mediation provider more visible and available to mediate private disputes as well

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