Tribal Alliance - Riverside Superior Court

Technology/Tribal-State icon Project Name: Riverside County Tribal Alliance
Court: Riverside Superior Court
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Improving State Court-Tribal Court Relations

Overview/Program Description:

The Riverside County Tribal Alliance (Alliance) for Indian Children and Families is dedicated to increasing participation, communication, and understanding among the court, the tribes, and county agencies serving Native American families. The Alliance was formed in 2005 under the leadership of the court. The goal is to minimize court and county intervention and increase tribal participation and control over Native American children and families by developing culturally appropriate services. Alliance members are working to create and sustain partnerships founded upon understanding, communication, and cultural awareness among the sovereign tribal nations and community and governmental agencies.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The Tribal Alliance sees this as an opportunity to collaborate for the betterment of children in Riverside County. For example, there have been numerous instances of cooperation and assistance between Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) and the various tribes. This was made possible because of the Riverside County Tribal Alliance. Indirect benefit has been seen such as the court establishing contact with tribal groups, understanding issues and challenges the tribes face. DPSS has better assistance with adoptions and finding emergency placements.