Grand Jury Open House/Grand Jury Informational Meeting - Shasta Superior Court

Community Outreach icon Project Name: Grand Jury Open House & Grand Jury Informational Meeting
Court: Shasta Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

The Grand Jury Open House/Informational meeting is a public meeting held each Spring as the court and county begin grand jury recruitment efforts. The public is invited to attend to learn more about the grand jury and is encouraged to apply for service. Representatives from various agencies attend, such as the County Executive Officer, District Attorney, County Counsel, Presiding Judge, and Court Executive Officer. Several current grand jurors and past grand jurors also attend. Each representative makes a presentation on topics such as county government, county counsel's perspective, orientation and training, qualifications, and the application/interview process. Everyone fields questions from the audience. A panel of grand jurors is also available to answer questions.

Program Benefits/Savings:

Because a number of other ideas have been implemented to increase the number of prospective grand juror applicants, it is difficult to attribute all of the recent successes to the holding of an open house. Recent years have seen an increase in not only the number of applicants, but in the quality of the individuals that are applying. This program along with public service announcements and orientation meetings with new grand jurors has resulted in better quality in the grand jury reports and fewer problems with grand juror misconduct. Success was gauged by an increase in the number of applicants wanting to serve on the grand jury and a decrease in the number of resignations after selection occurred because people were better informed on grand jury service.