Community Justice Conference - Fresno Superior Court

Community Outreach icon Project Name: Community Justice Conference
Court: Fresno Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

The Court’s Community Justice Conference (CJC) is a restorative justice project to help first-time juvenile offenders understand the consequences of and make restoration for their delinquency. The court partners with the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program at Fresno Pacific University to provide a structured, nine-week program that is nationally recognized and uses an evidence-based, early intervention model. Trained mediators work with the youth offenders, their families, and role models and/or supporters. Collaboratively, they help the youth with skills-building and empowerment strategies to help them understand the consequences of their actions. In the fourth session, the offenders meet with their victims to develop restitution plans. Often, restitution involves the youth making amends for their delinquency to their families and communities in addition to their victims.

Program Benefits/Savings:

Youth who have participated in CJC since 2009 have had 5-10 percent recidivism rates while youth with similar charges who did not participate had 20-30 percent re-offense rates. The program also supports positive outcomes for truancy and scholastic achievement. Reduced recidivism decreases the juvenile court’s workload.