Automated Civil Grand Jury Program - Monterey Superior Court

Community Outreach icon Project Name: Automated Civil Grand Jury Program
Court: Monterey Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

The court's web-based Civil Grand Jury application automates the entire process of recruiting and selecting the annual civil grand jury and provides public access to information about the grand jury. The Civil Grand Jury Online Application website provides information about the functions of the grand jury, answers to common questions about the grand jury, grand jury reports from recent years, the demographics of the current jury, and contact information.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The benefits of the automated system include streamlined management of grand jury functions, reduced staff time spent on grand jury management, and cost reductions. In 2010, the Jury Commissioner's Office saved an estimated 151 hours of time formerly spent working with the paper-based process. This time savings has already covered the initial expense for the development of the application. Additionally, the automated system assists the court with complying with Rule of Court 10.6255 by automating the collection and summary of demographic data for civil grand juries.