Automated Payment Processing - San Bernardino Superior Court

Court Ordered Debt icon Project Name: Automated Payment Processing
Court: San Bernardino Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

Using high volume payment processor technology, the court's Automated Payment Processing System allows expeditious and accurate posting of payments to cases in the criminal and traffic case management system. The court researched the technology in private industry and government sectors. The court determined that the automated accounts payable processing used in these other sectors could be implemented in the court system. Following the initial purchase of equipment and extensive programming of the ITRAN machines, as well as the case management system for automatic uploads, the court implemented the technology.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The court has completed over seven years on this system. The volume of payments increased during peak years, as well as the mix of payments that can be processed electronically. Work done previously in eleven locations by seventeen employees is now done in one centralized location with fewer than four full-time employees. Mail volume and processing time/cost was analyzed in the eleven various locations. The Automated Payment Processing center reduced processing time from "days" to same-day processing, as well as reducing cost by 76.4 percent.

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