Misdemeanor Post Judgment Reengineering - Marin Superior Court

Criminal icon Project Name: Misdemeanor Post Judgment ReEngineering
Court: Marin Superior Court
   Documents: Local Rules
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Overview/Program Description:

In 2013, the court eliminated court appearances for most misdemeanor post judgment sentence modifications by conferring the many ministerial decisions related to extensions, payment plans, conversions to Community Service Work (CSW), non-compliance issues to the clerks in the criminal clerk's office. Following sentencing of misdemeanors, defendants are directed to go to the clerk's office to make arrangements to pay, complete programs, sign up for CSW, and other terms and conditions that were formerly ordered in court by the judge. Then, when defendants request modifications of their terms or conditions, they can do so in the clerk's office for most kinds of modifications. For those that require judicial rulings, they are submitted ex parte to the judges in chambers for decision and are mailed to the defendants. Clerks review defendants' compliance with judicial orders on internal calendars that flag cases for review. If defendants comply, cases are closed; if they do not, they are given notice of noncompliance and referred to the District Attorney to determine whether to file petitions to revoke probation.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The post judgment program has been extremely successful in eliminating post judgment appearances. The unexpected consequences include a high degree of satisfaction from criminal justice partners that were very skeptical before implementation. Compliance with court orders is improved because defendants can ask questions at the clerk's office that they were not comfortable asking in the courtroom in front of the judge. They better understand their court orders. Subjective benefits include a high degree of judicial officer and criminal justice partner satisfaction. Also, the court has experienced more timely case processing and fewer cases for which the court is losing jurisdiction.

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