Self-Represented Party Calendar - Orange Superior Court

Family Law icon Project Name: Self-Represented Party Calendar
Court: Orange Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

The Self-Represented Party (SRP) Calendar provides self-represented parties a unique opportunity to receive a team of resources to assist with their family law cases. The SRP Calendar team consists of Self-Help Center attorneys, court staff for clerical duties, Family Court Services mediators, volunteer attorneys who have completed temporary judge training, and a family law judicial officer who presides over the trials. This collaboration of individuals committed to access to justice work together in an effort to provide the parties with settlement assistance, completion of their case with a judgment by declaration when a stipulated agreement has been reached at the Trial Readiness Conference Calendar, and trial preparation education if the case needs to go to trial.

SRP Calendar cases are referred in a variety of ways:

  1. Judicial officers may determine that parties would benefit from the services provided by the SRP Calendar.
  2. Parties receiving assistance in the Self-Help Center might be referred by a Self-Help attorney
  3. By the filing clerk, upon filing of an at-issue memorandum, when both litigants are self-represented.

By local rule, parties are required to file their declarations of disclosures and attend a Trial Readiness Calendar before they are placed on the SRP Calendar. This ensures that there are no legal impediments to moving cases to resolution at the SRP Calendar. When parties do require a trial, they come with a better understanding of what evidence they need to present to the court and how to obtain various types of evidence.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The program has been very successful. Prior to implementation of this calendar, self-represented parties often required six or more court appearances to resolve their cases. Now, most cases reach final resolutions within one day. Due to this success outcome, an increasing number of pending cases are being referred to the program and the court has recently expanded the SRP Calendar.

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