Self-Represented Litigants Facilitator Management - Sutter Superior Court

Family Law icon Project Name: Self-Represented Litigants Facilitator Management
Court: Sutter Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

The court sets all family law status conferences where the parties are appearing in pro per in the Self-Help Center in front of the Family Law Facilitator, in 3-3-6-6-6 month intervals from the time of filing. Immediately following the status conference, the Self-Help Center offers the Dissolution by Default Clinic where litigants ready to take a default stay and complete all of their documents in the same day. Litigants who are not present receive a "Status Conference Memo" and clinic calendar by mail.

Program Benefits/Savings:

Typically, half of the attendees for the Dissolution by Default Clinic are direct referrals from the Status Conference that same morning. The civil division manager reports that the number of returned default documents is dramatically reduced. This program is efficient for the court in that the self-represented litigants are not on an already congested Law and Motion calendar and they receive their case review in the place where they can receive services to assist them with next steps. The facilitator can prepare the files using the electronic scanned documents so the entire calendar is done without pulling the files, resulting in a substantial savings in courtroom clerk and processing clerk time.