Family Law Facilitator's Office Online Workshop (FLOW) Reservation System - San Diego Superior Court

Family Law icon Project Name: Family Law Facilitator's Office Online Workshop (FLOW) Reservation System
Court: San Diego Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

The Family Law Facilitator's Office (FLF), along with the court's IT department, developed an online system ("FLOW") for the public to use to schedule an appointment for a variety of FLF workshops: Divorce, Request for Order, or Finish My Case. The participant selects the type of workshop desired (with some preparatory definitions provided), and once selected, is guided through the appointment system to select an available workshop. The system requires the participant to input basic information when making an appointment, such as the participant's name, address, other party's contact information, and children so that FLF staff can screen participants and input a profile into the forms software program prior to the workshop. The system contains forms for participants to download, complete, and bring with them to the workshop. Preparation for the divorce workshop includes "homework" forms on property and financial issues. In the RFO workshop, if the directions are followed correctly, a participant can be in and out of the workshop in about 10 to 15 minutes. The participant is provided with an e-mail confirmation and a checklist when scheduling the workshop appointment. The web address for the program is:

Program Benefits/Savings:

FLOW is very popular with those litigants who use the program. Having the ability to make an appointment and do some preparation beforehand encourages participation in the workshop as it guarantees admission on a certain date and time. Moreover, many litigants delayed resolving their cases because they did not want to take the time to come to court and wait for assistance. The workshops permit litigants to finish their cases on an appointment basis well before their hearing or to come back to on a scheduled workshop date and finalize their case before their next status conference date. We have an average show rate of 70 percent and at one site an 85 percent show rate. Having these workshops assists the court in meeting the guidelines of CRC 5.83(c)(5).

FLOW provides great customer service by offering the option of making an appointment online for services. It is much appreciated by customers and court staff alike.