Binational Justice Project - Imperial Superior Court

Justice Partners Collaboration icon Project Name: Binational Justice Project
Court: Imperial Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

Tens of thousands of Mexicans and U.S. residents cross the border at Calexico every day to work, shop, go to school, and visit families. Imperial County, California and neighboring Mexicali, Mexico are one community in almost every respect—geographically, commercially, and culturally. The Binational Justice Project was created to unite the two communities via a legal collaboration, permitting enforcement of family court orders across the national boundary. The court has signed agreements with Mexican authorities to permit enforcement of family court orders across the nation's border. The court also has partnered with Mexican entities (the consulate in Calexico, judicial agencies, and law schools) to provide free legal services to self-represented family law litigants.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The agreements have improved the communication between judicial authorities in both jurisdictions to help resolve legal issues involving conflict of law or jurisdiction. As a result of the agreements, orders issued in one jurisdiction are being enforced in the other to an increased extent. Court staff is better able to provide litigants with information about how to resolve conflicts of law and jurisdiction, and judges are better able to resolve cases pending before them that involve international family law issues.