Juvenile Justice Video Conferencing Program - Santa Clara Superior Court

Juvenile Delinquency icon Project Name: Juvenile Justice Video Conferencing Program
Court: Santa Clara Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

Skype technology is used to allow minors in the juvenile delinquency system, placed into long-term placement outside of the county, to attend their permanency planning hearings (held every six months). Minors who are placed long-term are entitled to attend their permanency planning hearings. Before implementing this program, minors placed out of county were frequently not able to attend these hearings because of the cost of transport and associated escape risks.

Program Benefits/Savings:

Since implementation of this program, the court is in substantial compliance with the legal requirements of the Welfare and Institutions Code. Communication between placement programs and Probation has increased significantly. There has been a 63 percent increase in the number of minors placed out of county appearing for their hearings. Minors have an opportunity to be heard at hearings, and the court can make a visual assessment of the minor. Parents are often permitted to speak with minors after the proceeding which affords the family another opportunity to reunite and check in with each other (many families are unable to travel to visit the minor). Probation avoids unnecessary risks and expense of travelling with minors for these hearings.