Returned Mail Not Docketed - Orange Superior Court

Records icon Project Name: Returned Mail Not Docketed
Court: Orange Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

When civil, family law, juvenile, criminal, traffic, or probate mail is returned as undelivered, the clerk no longer makes an entry of this in the case management system (CMS) and does not image or retain the returned mail. No legal requirement was identified that required the court to track or retain returned mail in civil, probate, juvenile, criminal, traffic, or most family law cases, although there is an exception in family law involving default judgments. For all non e-filed cases, a clerk checks the address to make sure it was mailed to the address of record in the CMS before discarding the returned mail. For e-filed cases, since the party entered the address, and the address is used by the CMS when generating the mail, there is no need to check the address. Parties are required to notify the court of change of address, so there is no requirement that the clerk look for a newer address.

Program Benefits/Savings:

Eliminating the practice of making an entry in the CMS, scanning the returned mail, and retaining it in the file reduced the work associated with handling of returned mail. The change eliminated about one-fourth of a full time position’s worth of work in civil cases alone. It also reduced file storage space requirements as returned mail was no longer kept or filed.