Restraining Order Center (ROC)

Restraining Orders icon Project Name: Restraining Order Center (ROC)
Court: Los Angeles Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

The Restraining Order Center (ROC) is a filing window and self-help assistance center for litigants requesting or responding to a civil restraining order. Civil Harassment, Domestic Violence, and Elder Abuse restraining order applications are handled in this one location, and self-help and filing window staff are co-located to make the process easier for litigants. Self-help staff assists litigants to prepare their own documents. Filing window staff files the documents, ensures the requests are given to a judicial officer for immediate review and adjudication, and assigns the cases to a judicial officer for hearing. The judicial officers also receive all telephone requests for Emergency Protective Orders received during court hours.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The ROC provides the public with one location at which to obtain targeted assistance, file paperwork, have petitions adjudicated, and set hearing dates. Court staff and judicial officers assigned to the ROC specialize in legal issues pertaining to restraining orders.