Public Law Center - Nevada Superior Court

Self-Help icon Project Name: Public Law Center
Court: Nevada Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

Our Public Law Center (PLC) is a general self-help service that collaborates with our County Law Library. Legal assistants from our Family Law Facilitator's office also work with our Law Library and PLC. In addition to self-help services, our PLC began partnering with a local non-profit in 2008 to provide no-cost mediation to litigants in small claims and unlawful detainer cases in the courthouse. Our PLC Director sits on the board of the local Lawyer Referral Service and is active with the Board of the Nevada County Bar.

Program Benefits/Savings:

Our program benefits from cross coverage between our Self-Help Center staff, law librarian, and facilitator's office. These functions have unique areas of expertise and are able to enhance each other's services by working together. Congestion at our clerk's office counters was reduced by this program and our small claims and unlawful detainer calendars proceed more efficiently. We also provide assistance with modifications of probation and expungement motions which relieve our clerks from the burden of questions at the counter in these matters.