Sharing of Information Services - Butte and Glenn Superior Courts

Specialty Courts icon Project Name: Sharing of Information Services
Court: Butte and Glenn Superior Courts
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Overview/Program Description:

In December 2001, Butte County Superior Court (Butte) and Glenn County Superior Court (Glenn) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Butte Information Services (IS) staff to provide IS support to Glenn. This agreement allows a small court with limited IS funding to receive comprehensive IS support. The MOU includes a Service Level Agreement that specifically outlines the level of service, service response times, points of contact, and other related deliverables. The MOU is reviewed, updated, and renewed approximately every two years.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The program provides Glenn with comprehensive, consistent, reliable, and stable IS support that has allowed Glenn to stabilize its IS infrastructure, standardize systems, improve security, and provide long-term strategic IS planning. Additionally, the program has consistently provided Glenn with a timely response to its IS problems. This responsiveness and the quality of services provided have earned Butte's IS team the trust of Glenn's judges, staff, and public users.