Online Notice of Intent to Appear and Request Oral Argument - El Dorado Superior Court

Technology/Digital Court icon Project Name: Online Notice of Intent to Appear and Request Oral Argument
Court: El Dorado Superior Court
   Links: Online Oral Argument Request Form

Overview/Program Description:

The court's website posts law and motion tentative rulings for all matters set on the regularly scheduled law and motion calendars. Litigants and counsel may access the tentative ruling in its entirety. Should parties wish to challenge the court's tentative ruling, they must notify the court no later than 4:00 p.m. the day preceding the noticed hearing to request appearance for oral argument. The online request form allows parties responding to law and motion tentative rulings to electronically submit their request for appearance via the court's website. Matters in which oral argument is 15 minutes or less are automatically set on the noticed law and motion date. All long cause oral argument requests are set for hearing within ten days of the mutually agreed-upon dates provided in the online request form.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The online feature provides an efficient cost-effective method for litigants to request oral argument and it reduces calls to the court. Making the request online eliminates the previous protocol of expecting attorneys and litigants to appear at the noticed hearing to make the general request, receive a hearing date, and return for yet another court appearance 7 to 10 days later.

Impacts are measured by:

  1. Litigants and attorneys are no longer required to appear in court to request oral argument and set a hearing date.
  2. Reduction in phone calls to court clerk staff to request oral argument.