e-Courtroom Resource Status Program - Santa Clara Superior Court

Technology/Digital Court icon Project Name: Veterans Treatment Court
Court: Santa Clara Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

The court has developed an electronic program that provides live updates of courtroom resources, allowing the court to better utilize resources and reduce wait times. Courtroom clerks log into the system and identify when their courtroom resource status changes (e.g., when the department is dark or when scheduled court sessions are changed). The program sends automatic updates to appropriate supervisors, allowing them to quickly identify courtroom coverage and deploy available resources where they are most needed.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The court gains efficiencies by receiving real time information regarding the availability of open departments and courtroom resources (courtroom clerks, reporters, interpreters, etc.). Supervisors no longer make multiple telephone calls to identify available staff, significantly reducing wait times to locate courtroom coverage and for courtroom staff to become available.